Monday, December 3, 2012

"Partition MK Ultra" by rue23

Part of the Soundtrack "Goto And Run" / music by rue23

Part from the "Soundtrack" of "Goto And Run",
a binary Soundtrack about a binary world from rue23

more Tracks are at

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Song at

"3 dot 19am settled souls" is online NOW !!!

"3 dot 19am settled souls" is the a new song of Rue23.

This is a real ambient piece and comes to your ears within bansuri, sitar, a deep bass

and a huge amount of space.

"3 dot 19am settled souls" is the first idea of to to create a soundtracks

about friends and guests.

Maybe you might like what you are listening to ?

If it is like this, maybe you wanna tell your friends about it...

Friday, November 23, 2012

"Distopia" - Chuck Spencer & Rue23

"Distopia" is online NOW !!!

"Distopia" is the 5th "ANTI POP" product of Chuck Spencer & Rue23.

The song itself comes with some strange sounds, mixed with a huge sub bass

followed by some kind of dubstep beats inbetween.

"Distopia" is an audience for all ears they like a bright ambience and darkness.

Maybe you will like the song and tell your friends about "ANTI POP" ?

Go for it...

click here to visit the Blog of Chuck Spencer & Rue23

"Kyr23" - NEW ALBUM

"Kyr23" is online NOW !!!


"Kyr23" is an album which is done more as an idea of a Soundtrack.

It is a really dark album, mixed with classical instrument and electronics.

You`ll find 3 Tracks on it.

The first piece is only done with classical instruments,

the second one mixed with some elctronics in it

and the thirs one is pure electronic.

If you are interested, you can have a listen to the whole album at Soundcloud

or even in the player below this post.

Have a nice travel through some dark sounds and if you like

to downlaod the one or other track, feel free to contact me.

Love, Magic & Muzak